Center for Advanced Studies in Telecommunication (CAST)

COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI)

The inception of CAST, the Center for Advanced Studies in Telecommunication, in 2007 was part of an effort to facilitate innovative research and human resource development through a partnership with the Industrial sector. Associated with the faculty of Engineering, it is one of the earliest research centers established at COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI). Its focus has expanded beyond telecommunications to encompass a wide range of engineering disciplines, including robots, additive and subtractive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the internet of things. The research facilities that CAST holds are unparalleled in the field of hardware manufacturing and testing. The members of CAST’s faculty are highly qualified specialists in their respective domains. 


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CAST has a large number of R&D projects underway with a wide range of partners, and the team has also been successful in securing substantial research funds, reflecting the high regard in which the center is held for its competence and hard work.


World Leading research and development center in the global framework of Industry 4.0.


To meet technological challenges, train human resources, and provide applied research and development services to both the public and private sectors through its cutting-edge research facilities and highly skilled team.


Recognize emerging technological tendencies and investigate possible ways to contribute to their evolution. Collaborate with Industry and develop market driven sustainable solutions. Share knowledge through research publications, seminars, workshops, training, and internships.

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