Center for Advanced Studies in Telecommunication (CAST)

The Center for Advanced Studies in Telecommunication (CAST) has been developed with an aim to use it as an interface between university-based telecommunication activities and regional telecom industry, IT industry, software developers, government and community groups. CAST from its inception has been focused on developing strong industry links, with specific regard to the practical implementation and realization of telecommunication technologies. This Center provides support and assistance to academic staff in their quest for research funding and other support through liaison with funding bodies, industry, and the business community.


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The team at CAST is working on many R&D projects in collaboration with various organizations and was also able to obtain significant research funding which shows a confidence in expertise and dedication of the team.


Undertake Pakistan specific application development that matches with behavioral pattern of the masses and adds value to their day-to-day activities, both economic and social.
Undertake cross-pollination of best practices the world over and make it suitable in Pakistan context. This will help in creating optimal models that avoids duplication and wastage of resources, especially in the field of the converging Information & Communication Technology.e


To conduct Research & development programs at National and International level and Provide Consultancy services.
Creation of market ready talent pool and continuous talent building endeavor through training the trainers.
Integration and bench marking of technology that can ultimately lead to form standards for manufacturing and/or rendering services


To conduct Research in the areas of Telecommunication Engineering, Telecommunication Management and ICT in Collaboration with ICT industry and academia.
To offer professional short term skilled based courses, Workshops and Seminars on latest telecom technologies and other related issues.

Assistance for Students of CUI