100KW Renewable energy Project (Reverse Metering)

This system generates average 400KWh energy per day. The system is installed in a five-floor building AB-01 and each floor has a separate system having inverters and a battery bank. Because of the hybrid solar system, it has the ability of the reverse metering over weekends and holidays.

Energy conservation Project at COMSATS University Islamabad

In this project LED strip lights were custom designed, fabricated and retro fitted in traditional light panels. Which reduces almost 75% of light energy which was consumed by traditional lights.

Measurement of Antenna radiation pattern in principal planes

CAST developed a cost-effective system for Measurement of Antenna Radiation Pattern. This system is capable of measuring the radiation pattern or field distribution of antenna.  The design of a system we presented here is capable of making antenna radiation pattern and antenna gain measurements at 2.4 GHz. Antenna measurements results taken using this system are compared to those obtained in anechoic chamber. The use of anechoic chamber for measuring radiation pattern and antenna gain is commercially available at high cost.  This system presents a cost-effective alternate solution to anechoic chamber for microwave radio frequency antenna measurement system and is well suited for use in learning environment.

15 KW Renewable Energy Project at Library

15KW off Grid solar energy solution. Off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems are purely run from solar power and independent of the power grid. These systems require batteries to store electricity. CAST team also developed a software for monitoring of power consumption statistics.

Over Voltage Protection (OVP)

This device is used for the protection of DC android Appliances from over voltage. CAST developed two different designs for this prototype. In case of short circuit or DC source failure this device disconnects the Android device from the charging device.

Liquid Level Sensor

This device is used for measuring the liquid level (in Liters) for any liquid in cubical container. The main purpose of this device to measure the fuel level in large containers. This device has many abilities like data logging, transmission of statistics through ethernet for 100-meter distance monitoring. It has 97% accuracy.

IV & PV Measurement system for solar Panel

This measurement system is used for measuring the characteristics of solar panels. This setup can detect faults and efficiency of PV (Photovoltaic) module.

AC and DC Power Meters

These power meters have the ability to transmit the data through Bluetooth and ethernet from remote location for a long time. The primarily use of these power meters are remote monitoring of behavior for power consumption of device.